Saturday, February 14, 2009


Okay, we got such a kick out of the owners of our resort on Ko Kradan.

Beside the fact that they were Italian, and they always sounded like they were arguing (when their faces clearly showed that they weren't), they were the source of countless fun on our part.

One owner's wife was particularly interesting. She was a bit rough around the edges, was one of those ladies whose years in the sun and intense smoking and drinking have left their mark. She was loud, brash, crude, but nonetheless friendly. That said, she also spoke the beautiful language of Italy, and it just made our head spin. You don't often find gals like that around the US, speaking romance languages.

But even more fun was Fabrizzio. When he introduced himself, we both had to squelch a giggle. "I'm Fuh-BRITZ-io-oh!" (said in with an extremely deep voice and like he is jubiliantly exclaiming "fortissimo!" or something like that). Okay, "I'm Ron," I said feeling somewhat sheepish about my boring name.

Even better was listening to him at other moments. If he wasn't in sight, but was laughing, it sounded like a cartoon villian, like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget.

But the best were the Disney parallels. Fabrizzio was a pretty boy--if he was in better shape, he'd probably be the guy on the romance novels--maybe Fabio was his cousin. But he was more the bar-hopping, island living (think, the munchies), kind of guy, which made him a bit softer around the middle. Still, the charm, the voice and the italian made him into a disney caricature of himself.

One night we had fresh tuna. The cooked fish was delivered whole (head, body, tail and all). Despite having filleted fish once upon a time (and not very well), I had no idea how to eat it. So we asked for help.

"First, you got to take your knife, and rub off the skin, like diissss." "Zen you have to cut it, like diiss." (Sebastian in the Little Mermaid telling Arial how to win the hero's affection). Then, you (loudly) "pull out ze bones!" (also from a song in the Little Mermaid).

Anyway, if you were raised in the period of the Disney renaissance (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King), you would have appreciated our Italian host.

He was certainly a very nice guy, running a fantastic little operation, with plans for more. We highly recommend the resort.

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