Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback: Jet Lag and Chocolate Cherry Cake

Our first full day back was a day of celebration.

My esteemed brother in law, Phillip the First, had a birthday. He's a ripe old 23. He and his beautiful wife Emily drove up to Ann and Ron's (Trina's parents) for a day of fun. Happy Birthday Phillip!

We were so jet lagged, I'm afraid we were poor company. Hopefully Ann, Ron, Phillip and Emily enjoyed each other. I really only remember the food and the confections--particularly the best french dips in history and a Christiansen family tradition--chocolate cherry cake.

If you want to make yourself absolutely sick with sugar and delight, try a piece (or four, like me!). Basically, it's a chocolate cake with cherry pie filling mixed in, and the frosting is made from heated chocolate chips, sugar and butter, and it hardens into a thick, delightful ganache of sorts over the top.

Speaking of over the top, I had two more pieces the next day too! Think I was showing restraint? Hardly--we ran out.

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