Friday, February 27, 2009

Flight of the Gibbon

Today we flew through the jungle, literally. We took a zipline tour through a 1500 year old rain forest in Northern Thailand.

The tour included about a dozen ziplines traversing almost 2 kilometers, a few suspension bridges, and three vertical drops. If it's hard to imagine what it feels like to fly two hundred feet above the forest floor through a canopy of gorgeous green, that's because it is unlike just about anything else.

Fortunately, we took lots of pictures. And even a few videos.

This is the gibbon flight from a Ron's eye view.

Here comes Trina, all joy and no fear--something I cannot quite claim for myself). (The yelling in this video is not me, by the way).

The funny part about this one is where I land at the end. If you think about the camerawoman's positioning, and my significant momentum, you can imagine the collision that ensued. She took it like a champ.


OnAnAdventure said...

Now we're talking about a good time w/your travels! Enough w/the museums, this is my kind of fun! :-)
We had fun a couple of weeks ago!!

Aaron said...

I think that would be loads of fun... once you get over the need to poop your pants at the beginning of course. PS. You were totally the one screaming in the video, admit it.