Friday, February 20, 2009

Home is a vacation, vacation is home

Our jaunt home was a wonderful, jam-packed, relational orgy of fun, family, friends and way too much food. We are both the better and the fatter for it.

Life on the road has been good so far. We just got back to Thailand a few days ago, after about three days of travel. The flight was fine--an hour in the air, an overnight, thirteen plus hours on a plane, two and a half on layover, and another two and a half hours back in the air, another overnight, and then about another hour in the air...

What's funny is, we like these flights for the most part. Yeah, they are tiring. But they are air-conditioned, there are movies, clean water, and planned menus. We get a lot done too. I read 17 time magazines, for instance. And layovers--well, those are the best! Trina is nearly finished with a book she's been reading in multiple airports--for free in airport bookstores.

But I digress. The point of my post is an observation. We loved being home. It really felt like a vacation--rejuvenating, fun, a chance to let down. We were so sad to leave, dreading it really, just like at the end of a vacation. And now we are back on the road--complete with humidity, gastric distress and 13 hour flights. And you know what? We feel like were are home.

What a year! Our vacation is our vocation and our home is our holiday. What's next?

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