Sunday, February 08, 2009


We spent 14 days on a desert island in the Andaman Sea and it was exactly what you imagine when you think of paradise. From the little thatch hut 30 feet from the beach to the turquoise water to the sunsets to the white was better than a postcard.

The one downside about remote desert islands is that they are remote and desert-like. After the two full days it took us to get there via flight, minibus stuffed like a Mr. Bean episode on a ferry that looked more like it belonged to Tom Sawyer than a government, "taxi" ride on a bench nailed into the bed of a pickup truck, a hitched ride on a 4 island snorkel tour and an exit via barely-attached-rusty-ladder into waist deep surf with our backpacks...we were there!

14 days in the equatorial sun left us thoroughly baked. We coated ourselves in SPF 50 multiple times a day and not once did we lay out in the sun...and I still ended up with "hair that looks kind of brassy" (thanks Ron) and one of the most intense tan lines I've ever had.

The perks of Thai beaches are all fully true. Our bungalow 30 feet from the water was $15/night. The "expensive" food was about 250 Thai Baht a meal ($7.50 or so). The people are smiley and friendly.

There are other things you don't really think about being part of the whole "desert island" thing. Like no hot water, electricity 3 hours a day (from generator), "creative" food and lots of exotic, evolutionarily advanced bugs.

All in all, a fantastic trip.

If that doesn't satifsy your paradise photo appetite, view all the Ko Kradan pics here.

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