Sunday, February 22, 2009

Phillip and Emily

On our way back to Seattle, we stopped for a night at Phillip and Emily's house.

Phillip is Trina's brother, Emily her sister in law. They both graduated last spring; Phillip is an engineer in a really cool (believe it or not) job and Emily is a post-partum nurse at Evergreen Hospital (a dream for her as well). They have their cute dog (the first dog Trina has ever liked) Montana as well. Montana still shares his affection with his tongue.

I had hurt my back pretty badly, but fortunately, Emily got a really, really nice massage chair for Christmas. I sat in it for four hours, using it as firmly as possible (and that's very firmly). I was completely bruised the next day. But it helped, a lot!

We had a great time catching up with our siblings/friends. They lived in Oregon while at George Fox, and so we have had a great time building our friendship with them, and we've missed them very much. Phillip made us a great stir fry for dinner, Emily a delectable breakfast, and we spent several hours walking the snowy(!!!) trails around their house. The live just off 405 in the Seattle area, but from the trails, you'd think they live 30 miles from nowhere.

All in all a very good time.

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