Saturday, February 21, 2009

A weekend of friends and family

After several wonderful, relaxing days in Seattle, we drove to Portland to see family and friends.

It was jam-packed. Thursday night we saw my best friend Aaron and our dear friends Melinda and Junior, and their adorable kids Melia and Joseph. Melia was all song and dance and Joseph (still just about eight months old) has developed the cutest little smile. He just started crawling the day before, and so does so quite totteringly. Before we left, he hadn't yet had his cleft lip surgery--he was cute then, but he was a newborn and hadn't yet learned to smile. I can't believe how fast these two are growing up. Their mom, who started working for Wells Fargo in July, received her second promotion while we were in town. No surprise there!

Then Friday we went on to Fish Hawk lake with my family (more on that later), and then my extended family came over and celebrated our transitory return for four hours Sunday night. I saw grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, their kids, and the like.

Then happy hour at Stanfords with seven of my old freshmen residents from college (along with Aaron and Trina), some sleep, a stop by my old office (where I was a celebrity, how cool), a meeting with a tax advisor over lunch and then a drive back to Seattle.

What a tiring weekend.

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