Friday, March 13, 2009

Babies on the Sidewalk

Yesterday, during Holi, most of the city was empty. Usually it takes inordinate amounts of effort to walk down the street because of the crowds. The spaciousness made it hard to avoid seeing things (part of you) would rather not remember were there.

We walked by a dad, lying on his mat on the sidewalk playing with his two kids (probably two years old and 6 months) on his chest. He had no collection pan, he was tucked close to the side of the building, out of the way of foot traffic. He wasn’t doing it for display; he was just having a holiday morning with his kids at “home.” He was happy, enjoying his kids.

A few steps later, we walked around a 3 year old holding his 1 year old sister feeding her a bottle. Same story, not doing it for display, just living life where he lives.

What do you do with that?

I didn’t see people who were sad; they were being with and loving their family, and in that moment, really happy. But, it made me so sad.

I thought about what makes me happy and what I spend my time and energy on and why. I am left with lots of questions and feelings and not a lot of answers or resolution. I just sit with it.

(If you look near the center of the photo, the dad has blue pants on…I took it without looking through the lens, so it’s a little hard to see).

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Melinda said...

Wow, that brought instant tears to me eyes. What a way of life, it breaks my heart to see that. It would be like Melia have to take care of Joe. wow..