Monday, March 23, 2009

Big News

As many of you know, we only have two short trips left to go. One to Kenya and one to Egypt.

We have long been excited about these trips, but in the last month or two, we have started to become a bit weary. It is as if there is a law of diminishing returns on lengthy travels. I'm starting to think I'd be like, "Yah, Taj Mahal...Pyramids...another cool, big brick!"

That tells you maybe it is time to go home and save your money for next time. Couple that with what will now be a week long stay in the hospital (I've gotten sick again too (round three), and am on the mend, thanks to Trina's doctor), and you start to be ready for home.

So, we figure, Kenya and Egypt are so worthwhile, and we don't want to rob them of their incredible value. So we will have to wait. We are shaving about a month off our trip. At the end of April, we will head down to Mexico for 6 weeks, as planned, to work on our book. We also may take a road trip to LA on the way (or head to the east coast for some final school decision making). So our travels are far from over.

That said, we have a plane booked for Wednesday evening. We fly from Kolkata to NYC (about 20 hours!), then to San Francisco (another 6), then Seattle (more like 2 or 2.5). It will be quite a lot of air time. We will have completed our revolution around the world.

I hope this isn't too much a disappointment for those of you traveling vicariously. But with our travel fatigue, and the continuing prospects of weakened immune systems, this seems the wisest way to go. Please don't feel badly for us; in some way this sickness is a gift. Beside reminding us of what is indeed most important to us (more on this later), it gives us a reason to do what we need to do. Come home.

We have had, and will continue to have, the time of our lives living this year abroad. We will continue to do so in Mexico, albeit in a more resort-y way, and we are looking forward to that as well. We easily have enough fodder for a couple books and we hope you will be interested in reading (and buying!) them. Thank you for journeying with us thus far.

And this isn't goodbye. It's just a farewell for a few days. We'll update again as soon as possible.

Thanks for all your love, prayer, support and encouragement.

Ron (and Trina).

PS. Trina continues to improve. She got to go out for a while today (no eating though).


Emily said...

That is big news -- but sounds like a good decision. The best thing about reading your blog isn't even the places you've been, you know -- it's more the joy and receptiveness with which you experience them. So keep it up in the next phase!

Sorry to hear about the extended stay in the hospital, but glad to know you are on the mend! Will look forward to hearing from you next from Seattle.

Sending a hug from NYC!

Court said...

m just glad you guys are safe. ;) Egypt will always be there with open arms.

Love you both!

penny said...

I have been reading your blog from the start and have enjoyed traveling vicariously with you. We do not know me (I got your site from a friend of my daughter) but I feel like I know you--I was even worried about you when there was a long pause between blogs.
I will miss reading about your adventures but will look forward to reading your book(s). Get well, have a great time in Mexico and the best to you both in graduate school.
Penny Moody

penny said...

I hate it when I send a message that has a mistake--that I notice after I send it. Instead of We it should be You

Aaron said...

I'm so glad you guys are safe and healthy, or healthier at least. I'm sorry you have to cut your trip short, but I'm kind of selfishly glad that you will be home for a bit longer before you head off to law and med school. And as far as buying your book... I'll borrow it from your parents :-) Take care of yourselves get home safely and give me a call when you can.

kim, andrew and ieva said...

I was starting to feel guilty that I hadn't gotten around to answering your question about Egypt, Ron. So hearing that you're skipping it is a minor (albeit selfish) relief! ;) I think your decision is really wise. Both Kenya & Eypt are phenominal places (amazingly, I've been to both) and it's true that you need to give them the time & mental energy YOU deserve while experiencing them. I'm impressed by your ability to say enough is enough and not feel too badly about it. Sickness can be a blessing, as awful as it can also be. I'm excited to see what God will show you during this next phase of your trip, especially as you have more down time to reflect on where you've been since last summer! We're so thankful to have been a part of your journey...and that we at the front end of your schedule when you were healthy, rather than at the end! Love & blessings to you as you travel! (and let me know if/when you still want to talk about Egypt or Kenya!)

Ron said...

Thanks everybody for all your love and support. We still have much to write about India--so don't give up on us yet. Penny--who is the connection between us?