Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

March 9th is my mom's birthday (her 49th, actually). I'm sure she appreciates me sharing that.

And yet she should be pretty happy about that. She's accomplished much in her few years. A successful marriage for almost thirty years. She's an outstanding example of motherhood as well. Two grown, healthy children who have wonderful marriages and careers, who are happy and engaged in living life fully. She's also, despite remaining close to us, moved on. A 4.0 couple years in college. A growing real-estate career (with very, very happy and loyal customers). A newfound zest for fun, life, friends, and even some lighthearted leisure.

By the way, if you consider buying or selling real estate, my mom is the best. Ask any of her customers--she won't push anyone to do anything they don't want. She is more like an empathetic educator, who will make sure you are comfortable and you find what you want.

But enough about real estate. My mom is the embodiment of good character, audacious love, and self-sacrifice. On top of that, she is whole, wise, and manages to mange the big personalities in her family. Nobody quite knows how she does it, but she does it with graciously and gracefully.

Happy Birthday Mom. I love you!

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Ann said...

Wow, Ron, what a tribute to your mom. She is incredible isn't she! Happy Birthday to you, Ann!
Glad you're feeling better, Ron. We love you!