Thursday, March 12, 2009


You’d think I’d stop expecting that I could predict much of anything here. It’s not in my nature.

So, yesterday, we walk outside to get some food at our local place only to find that within 30 minutes the entire city is closing down for “Holi.”

As near as I can tell, the holiday involves people throwing water balloons filled with paint at each other. Buckets of paint are acceptable too. Even babies are painted. Lonely Planet says this holiday celebrates the beginning of spring. You’ve got to give ‘em points for encouraging creativity. Kind of like a giant fingerpaint war with the whole country.

I’ll admit that given the sicknesses of the past week, I did wonder if perhaps I was running a high fever of my own.

I have to say, it does make sense of the parade, loud drumming and bonfires in the streets the night before.

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