Monday, March 02, 2009

Thai Cooking Class

From 8am until 5pm we cooked at a local farm/cooking school. I learned something basic, but very interesting regarding Thai food. All food, with the exception of noodle dishes (Phad Thai) are intended to be served with rice in a ratio of approx 3:1 (rice:meal). Our teacher told us that they make most dishes with an excess of flavor and spice on purpose so it can flavor the whole dish. He said to think of it a bit like jam. You wouldn't eat straight would be too sweet and sticky, but spread out over toast it is just right. I have often thought real Thai food was way too spicy...but he said when you eat it in the "proper" ratio you get more flavor and less burn...and he was right!

We learned to curry paste, green curry paste, red curry chicken, green curry chicken, cashew nut chicken, chicken with basil, phad thai, spring rolls, Tom Kaa (chicken with coconut milk soup), Tom Yam with "shrimps" (hot & sour soup), mango with sticky rice and bananas in coconut milk.
I accidentally caught my pan on fire.

A panorama of our completed work.
We ate lunch, dinner and then some from all that we made. It was a lot of fun.

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