Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trina's Clothing Saga Continues...

The clothes situation has been downgraded from consuming nearly all my attention to a moderate annoyance.

Here’s where I ended up…

The Smurfing cardboard suit with pants altered (note the Creamsicle effect from adding the leftover pillowcase to prevent the crotch from splitting). Ron said the pants looked like the parachute they used in gym class at his elementary school. (Forgot to mention before that in addition to my blued body, the last inch of my braid was a nice turquoise hue).

The original cardboard suit with the ripped pants. I found a man on the street selling (what I now believe are men’s) pants that have an elastic waist and are black…not a perfect match, but it works ok. To be honest, I’m still sort of angry at the ripped pants, so I don’t actually want to fix them.

The great part about these pictures is that they were taken by Ron laying in bed who refused to stand up to take them. We now know he was on his way out of his mind, but at the time he just seemed strangely difficult. This is one of the tailored outfits. The top fits great…the pants, well, they’re another story (at least they’re not too tight!)

This is my favorite outfit.

Here’s a more accurate reflection of that day (sneeze!)

Here’s the “scarf”/blanket that is supposed to go with it.

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