Saturday, March 07, 2009

Trina's India Journal #2

My stomach is feeling a bit better. By the time we got home from our outings today I was thinking my cardboard pants were feeling a little better...a little stretched or something...but, they were actually just RIPPED in the crotch. Well, relief is relief, right? =)

Today I am wearing the salwar top, ever handy scarf and my khaki REI pants underneath. When we walked out the front door today the front desk man asked Ron if he could give us some advice...he suggested that I would be "much more beautiful" if I considered wearing sandals with my Indian clothes instead of Nike running shoes. I am NOT used to this running commentary on my appearance!

All in all, things are looking up a bit. It feels a little like when you're sick and trying to get better. Even relatively small things feel really overwhelming. So, we aren't thinking about dying people now...just what we'll eat for breakfast and what I can wear outside.

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