Sunday, March 01, 2009

Trina's Travel Status

I had to get a new watchband. It's velcro and it fell off a few times in the ocean on Ko I had to get a new one. The new one is black and performing nicely, although I admit to occasionally feeling like it is an imposter because it doesn't know what it was like to be in Turkey and Norway and Malaysia. Then I remember I am talking to my watchband.

I missed cheese so much in SE Asia, I went home, stuffed myself with so much that I have yet to miss it now that we're back.

All 4 pair of underwear are still amazing. I can't emphasize how cool it is - like the best dri-fit workout shirt, but better. (My collection was upgraded from 3 to 4 in November thanks to a kind donor!)

In a strange turn of events, I was sick to my stomach on Dec 17th and Jan 17th. I was seriously dreading Feb 17th. But, I am happy to report, there has been no stomach inversion since January.

When I was home briefly I had access to a laundry basket of my "real" clothes, plus the suitcase of clothes from Boston. I actually really didn't like all the variety. I felt overwhelmed trying to pick out a shirt, pants, underwear and socks every day. My trip uniform is just a rotation - I wore pair #1 yesterday, #2 today, #3 tomorrow. No thinking, no matching, no choosing, no style. I guess I've come full circle.

My tolerance for spicy foods has increased since coming to SE Asia. I have been seen eating curry that caused me to sweat and tear up...and enjoying it. Go figure.

That's about it for now.

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