Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We are doing, well, fairly well...

We've been dancing that fine line between ciproflaxin and fecal matter in our systems, and we of course prefer the former, just in small enough quantities to keep us away from even more pernicious problems.

But, other than our gastrointestinal health, we are doing quite well.

Today was another day at the Home for the Dying. We've now had several of our patients die. One lady Trina worked on her first day who was suffering immensely died the next day. Several of the men have died as well, and I expect that one of the guys I have massaged only has a few days left. Another may have already gone.

It's really strange to be doing routine, daily work with people on their deathbeds all around. Activities as pedestrian as laundry (I wrung out 125 garments today), dishes, breakfast and lunch, mixed with the epic task of trying to interact lovingly with people who are facing their last moments on earth (which is usually not exactly comfortable)--a strange juxtaposition, indeed.

The people don't seem to be especially existentially despairing, although the language barrier makes it hard to know. Since they are often long since abandoned, maybe the Home for the Dying brings some light and warmth into their lives. I can only hope so.

One of the volunteers was telling me today of a man who just kept saying he wanted to go to his family. What I find saddest is that a number of these people have families, who don't figure they can care for them, and so they abandon them in the street. What a sad world we live in.

Thank God the Missionaries of Charity believe that it is their job to love these people. Mother Theresa (paraphrased) said that it is a greater poverty to be abandoned and loveless than to be poor by economic standards. I so agree.

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