Saturday, March 21, 2009


Just a quick update...

Trina continues to improve. She is on solid(ish) food, and hopefully will be IV independent as of tomorrow morning (she hates the IV). She is feeling pretty darn decent (frankly, she feels almost as good as I do), and I am back near our hotel to pick up some DVD's and books.

We are going to stay in the hospital until at least Monday here (we are roughly twelve hours ahead of you), and we are quite comfortable there (except that about twenty staff members start coming in the room at 6am (sweet, mop, garbage, bring tea, check Trina, bring flowers, breakfast...). It's nice, but it is kind of annoying.

The doctor is also testing me, since he figures I likely have picked something up and I've displayed plenty of symptoms. Since he is a specialist in tropical sickness, I'm pretty glad to have him working on us.

That's all for now. Will keep you posted.

Thanks for the love, prayers, and well wishes (on facebook too!)

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