Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book Update

Life in Cabo sizzles on.

My family was here a week and then I was sick (thank you, Montezuma) for a few days. We took them off and started writing mid-week of week two. We've put in basically a work-week thus far, and have about 130 pages (book-style, not Microsoft Word). That doesn't mean they are any good, but we are pretty excited that the words are coming so easily.

We get up usually at 6:45 (can you believe it?), walk the beach before the sun hits it hard, eat breakfast and usually walk to Starbucks or the Grocery store (about 25 minutes away). Then we get back, maybe send a few emails and usually start writing by around 10:00, usually stopping sometime between 4:00 to 6:00. We run on the beach, eat dinner, catch a movie or have a romantic night in. It's pretty great.

Our days off are more "in the sun." Lay around, read, sleep, that kind of thing. They're pretty great too!

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