Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello from Mexico

Today is May 16th and it's beautiful in Cabo San Lucas.

We arrived here a week ago, all anticipation, raring to go. We haven't been disappointed. We were joined by my parents (who actually were on the same flight as us, despite our origination in Boston) and then my sister Amanda and her husband Scott, whose plane was (somewhat characteristically for them!) 40 minutes after ours.

It's been quite the week. We've had fun introducing them to our favorite spots. We all went to dinner at Mi Casa, which I've come to call the best Mexican restaurant in the world. It's at least one of the best, and we all enjoyed everything from their earth-shatteringly tasty mole (mole-ay, for those of you who think that is pronounced mol) to their carnitas, queso fundido, and of course their sizable and heavily infused drinks.

For boys night out, to celebrate father's day (early), we went to Brasil, the steakhouse. It is the standard Brazilian/Argentinian fare, mesquite grilled meat brought around on swords, cooked to juicy perfection. We had rib eye, new york steak, top sirloin, ribs, filet mignon (actually, was there mignon? there usually is!), turkey wrapped in bacon, chorizo, etc. It was wonderful and disgusting all at the same time. We capped it off with too much to drink and some Cuban cigars. If only my dad had let us shave his head, then we could have all looked just alike! But alas. My dad's fun-o-meter was full.

The girls went to Panchos that night, another place for fun Mexican food.

We danced at Cabo Wabo, ate dessert at Senior Sweets, walked the marina (lusting after the yachts), walked and ran the beaches, swam in the Sea of Cortez, ate nachos and fruit salad at the Finis Terra, hung out at Playa Grande, drank mango margaritas and daiquiris at Sol Mar, and of course baked in the sun on the beach and by the pool.

Lot's of reading, lots of napping, maybe just a bit too much alcohol and sunshine make for some tanned, just-a-bit-fatter-than-when-we-started, but nice and happy people.

We said goodbye to my family this morning, as they headed back to real life. Although we are very excited to be here for as long as we are, we are of course sad. Now everything reminds us of the fun we've been having with them.

So we coped with this in classic Mexican fashion. A two hour siesta!