Thursday, May 07, 2009

Where in the World...?

Fair question.

We came home from India in a bit of a rush. We spent about 4 weeks between Seattle and Portland recovering, although I'll admit I only remember about 2 of them clearly. Something about the process of recovering and imbibing oodles of Pepto Bismol seemed to increase the frequency of Trinidioms. Weird.

On April 24th we flew to LA to surprise our friend Sarah (lives in NY, was in LA for a conference) and spend a few days with our close friends Kristiane and Darron before meeting up with our April 30th LA-Cabo flight (previously scheduled to follow our April 29th Cairo-LA flight). That was a long sentence. Sorry.

Somewhere around April 27th, swine flu captured the world's attention and the fear of instant death upon reaching Mexico forced us to delay. We rescheduled for May 3, but on April 30 the State Dept, CDC and our doctor were still all recommending we don't go. We re-rescheduled for May 9th, hoping that a little time would fix things.

Discovering that our new approach to problem solving is to book a plane...we decided on April 30 to fly to Boston on May 1.

There were three excellent reasons for making this rash decision:
1. We had a lead on an amazing apt that required signing a 24 month lease.
2. Boston University School of Medicine was having an Open House/Orientation for admitted students on May 2.
3. Roundtrip airline tickets LA-Boston were $189/person

One thing we didn't think through was the content of our suitcases. My backpack contains - 3 bikinis, a large beach towel, 7 bottles of sunscreen, 3 one-pound bars of Trader Joes dark chocolate, one pair of pants, no coat, 9 books for beachside get the idea. Turns out Boston in May isn't exactly like Cabo in May. I'm sure I looked hilarious running around in windy, rainy, 45 degree weather in capri pants and a cover up.

BU open house was fantastic! So glad we made the trip. Reminded me of all the reasons BUSM was my top choice. The event answered tons of our questions, helped us think through everything from apartment shopping to gym memberships to grocery delivery services.

A few days later, we were invited to stay at the apartment we are considering renting for two years. It is a 2 bedroom furnished townhouse in East Cambridge, with an office, a treadmill, a piano and a new washer/dryer. (If you're familiar with the area it is about equidistant from the Kendall/MIT stop on the red line and the Lechmere stop on the green line.) It was as good in person as it looked online and it is looking like we'll have a home here come August 1.

We're now staying at the home of a good friend for the last couple nights before we fly out. Last night she took us around the South End and showed us a few trendy spots that I was barely cool enough to get into. But, it has been fun to get to know our soon to be new home.

Tomorrow (Friday) we fly Boston to LA and spend the night at an airport hotel. Saturday, we meet up with Ron's parents to fly LA to Cabo San Lucas. We have clearance from both my India doctor and my US doctor and assurances from the American hospital in Cabo that they are well supplied with Tamiflu should the need arise.

So, now you know.

The first week we're in Mexico we'll be drinking mango daquiris with Ron's sister Amanda and her husband Scott in addition to Ron's parents. We'll spend the other 5 weeks getting down to business and writing our book.


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Emily said...

Can I just say.. geeesh! I always smile when I hear about your travels -- this coming from half of a couple who consider when and how to fly somewhere (with kids in tow) at least 6 months in advance, and who always buy tickets at least 3 months in advance (right now, for instance, we're getting nervous because we haven't yet bought trans-Atlantic tickets for our (temporary) hop to Denmark in late September!).

So glad you're liking Boston, and sounds like an amazing housing setup. Of course we're sad you won't be in New York, but the reality we may not be here too many more semesters, and--who are we kidding--the likelihood of different neighborhoods and our combined schedules (and kid putting-to-bed routines, for us) weren't exactly going to give time for very frequent get-togethers anyway!

Sounds like a great next couple of years. And right now you're in Mexico-- sounds wonderful!