Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yelling Aussie: interrupting paradise

Most of the Australians we have met on this trip have been incredibly good natured. Not this lady.

We were sitting on the web (there is only one cord at our condo complex), on skype (internet phone), holding regarding an insurance claim. We were on hold way too long, which was frustrating. She was waiting. We nicely told her we were on hold.

A while later she walked up and started yelling. "You've been on for like an hour!" (I don't think so), I can't believe it. I am waiting here, I have things to do!"

I couldn't believe she just walked up and got all screamy and in our faces. I said, "we're holding for an insurance claim; do you think this is fun? Or that we are doing it to try to ruin your day? We've been on hold for almost thirty minutes, what do you expect us to do?"

She retorted, "I have an insurance claim to make, and the offices in London are going to close. YOU ARE SO SELFISH!"

Sensing an opportunity I cross examined her. Who is more selfish? The person who is sitting on hold, or the person who demands that thirty minutes of holding be thrown away so she can start her own call that has the same purpose?

She stomped away, stumped by her own idiocy. She sure should have been embarrassed by her childish fit.

What is really funny is that if she had just asked nicely, we probably would have given her the cord.

I sure hope she hasn't and doesn't plan on reproducing.


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