Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How did it all turn out?

At the end of five interviews my top choice was Boston University. Einstein was a close second for the values and culture, but didn’t quite have the professionalism nailed the way BU did. Stony Brook was next both for location and innovation (not interviewer skills). New York Med was on the bottom of the list and I actively didn’t like it. Loma Linda was seeming impractical since the closest law school Ron was interested in was UCLA, 70 miles away.

I had to assume that the schools I hadn’t heard from were out as I wouldn’t be able to afford flying home from Asia for an interview.

Stony Brook sent an overnight express package announcing my acceptance just four weeks after interviewing. New York Med and I both seemed grateful to part ways. Loma Linda accepted me several weeks later.

My top two choices didn’t communicate until January. While sick on the desert island in Thailand I got an email indicating I’d been placed on the waiting list for Einstein. Essentially this means I’m a student they would pick, but they just don’t have enough space. It’s really uncertain how much movement to expect on a waitlist, so it felt more like a rejection. Boston University communicated that I had not been selected for early acceptance, but I’d been placed in the “continue considering” pile.

Kind of discouraging to feel like the top two schools you identified with both consider you a good occupant for the back burner.

By now, Ron had received acceptance from Harvard, NYU, Georgetown and Boston University. His Harvard acceptance made the BU delay all the more painful. In the meantime, NYU and Stony Brook were within commutable distance, would allow us to live a little more affordably (on Long Island, not in NYC) and pay substantially less tuition (Stony Brook is a public school). It was a solution, but definitely second choice for both of us.

Ron slowly accumulated a few waitlists and rejections, I received formal rejections from most of the schools that hadn’t offered interviews and the pressure mounted for a BU acceptance. We worked hard to see this as a joint project. It was us getting into Harvard Law and it would be us getting accepted or rejected by BU Med.

Returning to the US following hospitalization in India for E. coli, I was weak and drained. BU had said between the middle and end of March I should expect to hear a “final answer.”

On March 31st I received an email congratulating me on my acceptance to Boston University School of Medicine. I was elated.

Out of nearly 11,000 applications they picked me for one of their 180 slots!

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