Thursday, June 04, 2009

You thought we talked a lot...

We've written over 100,000 words between us. That's approximately 275 book pages and we've written our way into Malaysia. So, it looks like we'll have plenty of room to cut!

Writing for me has involved a lot of re-living. When I'm telling you about seeing my first castle I'm elated all day and can't stop smiling. When I'm writing about a fight with Ron, I pick a new (or old) fight with Ron and I'm pissed all day. When I'm writing about some of the human tragedy we've seen, I'm depressed and hurting all day. I'm not looking forward to the 105 fever writing and I can't wait to get to the Mexican beach writing.

The setting is perfect, I'm sitting here writing under a palapa looking out at the Pacific Ocean trying to decide if it will be nachos or quesadillas for lunch. But, the writing is definitely work. Yesterday was my birthday (thanks for everyone's wishes!) so we took it off, but the day before we wrote solidly from 9am to 7pm, stopping just briefly for lunch. We're on track to finish with a few days to spare and just enjoy Cabo before flying home.

This is also the longest we've stayed in any single place for a year. There were two weeks in Norway, two weeks on the desert island in Thailand and two weeks in Kolkata before the week in the hospital. We've been sleeping in the same bed for 3.5 weeks and I feel like a native Mexican. The geckos on the walls are one of the few reminders that it isn't my ancestral home.

The strangest thing is happening. We have to clean! We haven't cleaned anything in a year. You don't dirty a hostel bed enough in three nights to need to wash your sheets. It's shocking to see a dirty toilet and not be packing my bags.

So, things are good. Speaking of toilets, if you've been wondering about my digestive tract, it's faring pretty well. I'm still on my daily diet of Pepto and tolerating just about everything but alcohol just fine. I did have one small bout of the ubiquitous traveler's disease, but all the doctors in my life acted exceptionally quickly, got me on Cipro and knocked it out in 12 hours. Everyone's happy with my progress and I'm not nearly so tired any more. I've even run 3 miles on the soft sand beach without a nap!

That's me for now. Oh, and we did sign the lease for the townhouse in Cambridge. We move to Boston August 4th!

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