Sunday, July 19, 2009

What is Home?

I just finally brought myself to changing the capitalization-tracking-header of our blog from Mexico to Home.

And, we are home. At least, childhood home and college home and formerly professional life home. In 16 days we are moving to our new home in Cambridge, MA and embarking on a whole new adventure.

Home feels like a complicated concept these days. The most fully home feeling is when I sit on my backpack to zip it closed. It has been around the world and I'm still using to haul my most important worldly possessions back and forth between Seattle and Portland.

Still struggling with the hair question. Definitely cutting it. Just haven't decided how short.

We've had a fantastic time seeing friends, spending time with family and visiting important places. I'm adjusting to carrying a purse and I've pretty much made peace with my cell phone. I think if I had a Cambodian ringtone I could fully accept it as mine.

Still progressing toward assimilating back into my native culture. Still not there quite yet.


Emily said...

Okay, so I just typed your blog URL in wrong: ""--just check out the page that comes up! Tailor made for you as a valuable reference, Ron! I had to laugh. :)

Ron said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it. A webpage that proves the bible's veracity!? Impressive indeed. Wow.