Monday, September 14, 2009

Jewish Lawyers

I'm from the West Coast, or the left coast as they like to say in the South Apparently (so I'm told by one of my Jewish colleagues from the South). He says everyone should live in the south at some point in their lives. Who is the world is he kidding?

Anyway, speaking of Jewish lawyers. I've never been really exposed to the semitic stereotyping that has long marred our culture, but I was vaguely aware that Jewish people were known for inhabiting the lawyerly field.

Well, guess what? Not just inhabiting it, but dominating it on a per-capita basis. The Jewish population at Harvard is massive. I'm sure there are more Protestants around, but barely, and given the comparison in US population of Protestants v Jewish (see, I'm writing v. like in case names already), it's dumfounding how many Jewish people are here.

And not just the students; an enormous number of faculty too.

So what does this do for my stereotypes? Well, I'm going to go with this one, and instead of seeing it as an international conspiracy like the fascists did, I'm going to see it as really freaking impressive. What a robust and impressive community! And I love that a communty so dedicated in its faith is also so committed to doing good, doing well, and to an intellectually robust life of the mind.

The rest of us should take note.

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Matt said...

Isn't it interesting that some people seem to jump to conspiracy theory instead of giving props to the value that Jewish families place on education and professional aptitude?