Friday, September 04, 2009

Libraries are amazing!

I just visited my local Cambridge Public Library (which happens to be diagonally across the intersection from my house, directly across the street from a Catholic's an idyllic little place here).

And, wow! My friend told me I should read this book today. I went in and BAM! they give it to me for three weeks for free. Perhaps even more exciting, they have rows and rows of DVDs I can borrow for free. Real movies, recent stuff. For free! Whoo hoo!

I should have gotten into this library thing long ago. Who knew?!

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Melinda said...

Welcome to the world of libraries! I re-discovered the joy when I had kids. Melia loves them too, free Dora movies at any time!! The Hillsboro Main is walking distance from our house. Junior loves it too, fishing books galore!