Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Friends

Still trying to decide how I'm going to do the friend thing here at Harvard.

Because I like my wife so much more than any of my potential new friends, I work hard all day between classes to get through my work (alas, to no avail, but I do get prety far). So that makes it a little hard to make friends, as does being a few years older than everyone else. Although, to be fair, I've enjoyed a number of twenty two year olds as well as the ones closer to my age.

I've been taking time at lunch this last week to eat with people, and I already have some new buddies, so that's cool (of course they get together and watch college football on the the weekends, which is great and everything, but I'd rather not spend four hours watching a bunch of huge twenty-somethings in tights beating the crap out of each other.) So, I'll either have to find something else to do with them, or make some more friends I suppose.

There is the issue of not living on campus too--a huge portion of the population does and so naturally ends up hanging out (well, getting wickedly drunk I think) with each other. Mostly, though, these are the youngest ones and frankly, I'd rather pass.

Still, all that said, everyone is friendly and I really like most of the people I meet. I'm just trying to figure out how to balance the work/personal aspects.

One thing that we are trying to do is get to know some couples. We had Vietnamese food with one of Trina's school friends and her boyfriend (who happens to go to Columbia Law School) last night. That was fun...I think couples are an avenue that holds much promise.

Anyway, still getting the hang of things, but loving it very much.


Aaron said...

You're going about it all wrong. You should be looking for disciples, not friends.

Mystery Robin said...

I'm still trying to figure out the friend thing too - if you figure it out, let me know!

Anonymous said...

Hey, GO DUCKS!! :)

I like Aaron's answer. :)

jcreason said...

I agree with Aaron, a "Ron Davis Complex" there would be must more impressive than at Fox...