Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Specialty, already?

From day one of medical school all the different specialties start recruiting.

(Quick review. Med school is four years, at the end of which you have an MD, can write prescriptions and are a doctor. But, in the US you must practice under the supervision of an attending physician for your first three years which is called residency. The residency program you choose determines your specialty. All my classmates and I will follow roughly the same course through school the next four years, then branch off into a whole bunch of different residency programs).

There is this lunch series designed to introduce us to the specialties with titles like, "What is OB/GYN?"

I think there have been a total of three lunches in four weeks that have not been filled with meetings for one interest group or another.

The real problem is, I could hardly choose a major, let alone a specialty. Most of our third year of med school will be spent rotating through the different services, experiencing them first hand and most people say that is how they decide.

Each day, I go to the lunch and come away certain I want to be a Dermatologist. This week I've wanted to be in OB/GYN, Family Medicine, General Surgery and Urology. I wonder what next week brings.

There is a part of me that wants to just celebrate that the applying and stressing about getting into medical school is over, just learn my Anatomy and plug my ears.

But, then someone comes around talking about how fun it is to practice Oncology in an academic medicine setting and I get all intrigued.

So, I'm taking votes. What kind of doctor should I be?


Krista said...

Oooh, I have a vote. I think you should be a general practicioner. Most important ever. And usually the nicest too! ;)

Mystery Robin said...

I mentioned this to my mother and she suggests whatever specialty the Indian doctor was who diagnosed your eColi. ;)

All I can say, is given this post, I can't believe there are doctors who exist in the world. What if no one wanted to learn all the bones and all their features? That's a possibility, isn't it! I think we should pay doctors whatever they want and just be super grateful they went to med school.

The Lows said...

well...only because I'm biased and work in the field...I choose Reproductive Endocrinology. You get to make babies for people!!!

Dee Dee said...

I vote for Internal Med/General Practitioner!! You have the brilliance to be a "Jack of all Trades" and I think you have the wisdom/discernment to make sure your patient gets what he/she needs. Yes, I am biased :) Aunt Dee Dee