Monday, September 28, 2009

Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is my first Anatomy exam. The lecture exam is 3 hours, followed by a one hour practical exam in the lab. It covers all of back and limbs. I have to know 110 muscles, their attachments, innervations, blood supply, etc. Plus, 99 bones and all their features. Plus, ligaments.

Plus, reading a bunch of radiology (CT scans, MRI, etc.). Plus, a bunch about how the nervous system works. Plus, the first eight weeks of development (embryology). Plus a bunch of common pathologies of all the above.

I'm doing remarkably well panic-attack-wise when I look at that list. I don't feel like I 100% know everything on the list, but I know most of it and I am hoping I can recognize the rest.

After the Anatomy exam I will get back to you about the other major happenings - like flying home to Seattle, my 10 year high school reunion, etc.

In the meantime, use your extensor pollicis longus to give me a thumbs up!


Ann said...

I'll be with you in prayer! You'll do great.

Emily said...

Good luck, Trina! I'm sure all your studying will absolutely pay off.