Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yale girl's death

I'm sickened and saddened by this horrible tragedy.

It's really hitting home for me today. When Trina and I visited Yale, we separated for a few hours (which included her walking to the medical school (where the incident happened). Trina ended up in an unforseeable (but highly important) meeting and we didn't have cell phones. We had arranged a meeting place, a deadline time, and then there was our hotel, the only other conceivable place she could be. Trina NEVER misses a these kinds of deadlines (this is the only time in six years together).

She was hours late with what I had thought was the opportunity to call (the front desk at the law school). She hadn't called (she actually had, just couldn't get through--so they thought she didn't call).

I was sick when I took the taxi back to the hotel. When I returned to our hotel and she wasn't there either, I panicked. As I was getting on-line to contact the school (my next step was going to be 911), I found an email that said something like,

"I'm so so sorry. I know you are terrified. I'm in a meeting with the dean, and I am certain you would tell me it was worth your pain to create the opportunity. Still, I'm so sick knowing what you are going through. I'll contact you as soon as it's done."

I spent about twenty minutes sobbing. I actually had believed something happened to her.

That said, this Yale gal's story feels all the more poignant. They found her body five days after the crime, the day she was to be married. I'm so so sorry for her fiance and her family and friends. While I cannot imagine what they are feeling, I can imagine what fearing it would feel like, and that enough was a dark and unmanageable chasm of despair.

My heart goes out to them.

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Jessica Scansen said...

That story made me feel sick with sadness for her fiance and family as well. Its a fear I have that I hope never becomes a reality. I can't believe that story with Trina and can't imagine how terrifying that must have been for you. Praise the Lord there was a completely different outcome! It just shows how we can't take a single day or moment with our loved ones for granted. We love and miss you guys.