Saturday, October 24, 2009


Have you ever thought about why your body stores energy as fat? You've probably heard that fat has 9 calories/gram whereas protein and carbohydrates have just 4.

So, if you could choose between a 3lb battery for your boombox that played for 10 hours, or a 6lb one that played for 9 hours, which would you pick? The 3lb one, of course! And, that's why your body picks fat. Energy dense storage to minimize how much you have to carry around.

The bummer is that while our bodies were smart for millions of years, in the past hundred or so, they're sabotaging us.

In the entire history of humankind, did you know that it's only in the last few (50-100) years that we've had access to more food than we could eat?

Less than 100 years ago the development of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides meant we could stop sharing our food with the weeds and bugs. Add to that vast improvements in preservation and distribution channels and...voila...a truly unique experience in all of human history.

Our clever bodies worked hard over the years to be sure that when we planted and worked our field for months and a swarm of pests came through a week before harvest and destroyed 70% of the crop, we'd be ok. Our bodies learned to efficiently store fuel to tide us over when we ran out.

Now that we have the problem of too much food, we are seriously fighting our instincts and natural body systems to maintain a healthy weight.

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