Saturday, January 09, 2010


One person I’ve really missed is my sister. We see our parents a bit more than we see our siblings (and siblings in law) and consequently have missed them quite a bit. They aren’t quite as able to just jump a plane to see us as our parents.

Anyway, my sister Amanda gave me this great present for Christmas. She knit me a scarf. The thing is, she learned to knit so that she could make it for me. She does crochet rather impressively, but this was a new skill. When I first pulled it out of the bag, it was sort of like this gray, tightly knit afghan-y looking thing. She said it needed an explanation. As I pulled it out I could see something was attached.

Two knitting needles. Amanda never disappoints. My sister is a bright, warm, fun, chronically disorganized person. She still needed to work on it! I loved it. It was the perfect gift from Amanda. She had been staying up late working on it, but hadn’t quite finished. Fortunately, she was going to spend a couple days at my parents’ house with us, and so she could work on it then (and she did finish it).

And it was much more than an afghan scarf. This thing, first, is really, really long. I wondered what I would do with all that material. But somehow, the way it was made, the color and the way it stacks up when it is on my next makes me look like a super-man-model. Maybe not quite, but it makes me look like I’m dressed like one.

Anyway, it is really, really nice, and it is warm and I will use it until it is threadbare. And I will smile each and every time, thinking of opening it with the knitting needles still in place.

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Courtney said...

There are about 3 different angles of you opening that present. :) So when you are old and forgetful, I can bring it out for you. If I don't forget to ... haha