Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A break

Well, we’ve spent 13 days with our families and have really enjoyed the break from the busy schedules. I finished on a Thursday and had a few days to unwind (read, clean up a disaster of a house, pack, cook, etc.). before we left on Monday for the big trip home. We also had the privilege of having my grandma Marta over and her son Greg. They came over on Friday and spent the night with us, bringing sharing in some eastern seaboard Davis family Christmas cheer.

Trina still had a neuroscience test to take on Monday. So she had to study during the weekend, and make sure her sleep schedule matched the planned Monday schedule. Fortunately, she was still able to participate in the festivities with Marta, Greg and I.

Another lucky thing: quite a few months ago we had booked tickets home for Sunday. We were forced to switch them when we realized that Trina had this neuroscience test on Monday (what we had thought was during Christmas break). We weren’t able to talk the airline out of the change fees, which frustrated me enormously (because I am born to talk people out of fees). I guess I’m losing my touch.

Anyway, as it turns out, Sunday we had a snowstorm (it was officially a blizzard out on the cape). We got just about a foot of snow in less than twelve hours. The snow was beautiful, dry (about 22 degrees outside) and blown around in big clouds by the noreaster.

This meant hundreds of canceled flights on Sunday. Some of those people had to wait days to get on a flight with openings since the following flights were so full (including ours). So we ended up very lucky that our flight was on Monday after all.

The trip home was great. We don’t mind long flights, and I enjoyed my first fiction book in a while (A Civil Action, really branching out topically). I didn’t know this when I started it, but one of the characters (it is a true story) is an existing Harvard Law professor, one I might take a class in Evidence from. Pretty cool.

Our families were thrilled to see us and us them. We spent the week catching up primarily with our parents and siblings to a lesser extent. We saw Aaron and his girlfriend Holly, Melinda and her kids, who we buried in dollar tree toys. Matt Goodwin came over for an evening too. We saw my extended family, Andrea and Trina’s extended family. We actually (other than Aaron/Holly, Melinda, Matt and Andrea) saw very few of our friends, since we were just so tired. Trina eventually got sick anyway, and so she’s been nursing a persistent cold, grateful that it didn’t impinge on her study experience.

And now we are back on the road, the place we are often the most comfortable. We are all filled up with family and friends. And fatter. At least me. Substantially. Even having given up dessert six months ago didn’t stave off the salty allure of foods filled with saturated fat and familial love.

Oh well, I eat very well 50 weeks a year. (I should say, the bad food was totally my fault. Our families both made huge accommodations to make sure we got all the good produce we needed; I just ate too much of the other stuff around too. I have the impulse control of a hungry puppy or a 3 year old.)


Mystery Robin said...

I hate to break it to you, but it's not just a true story, it's nonfiction - narrative nonfiction, but shelved in nonfiction nonetheless.

I've been trying to get Randy to read fiction for years and he finally cracked the spine of a thriller this Christmas break. I can see I need to add you to my list, next! (Um, not that you don't have many thousands of pages to occupy you for the next several years)

So glad that you got to see some snow and your flight worked out!

Andy said...

I'm glad to hear that you had a restful visit! On your cross-country trip, did you nostalgically wear your quick dry underwear or dry fit shirts?

Trina said...

Yes I did!