Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We are hard core blog delinquents. Yeah, yeah med school, law school, but seriously, when was the last time you posted a picture?!

A long time ago. According to my latest Neuroscience lecture our perception of time can be radically altered by how long it takes to store things in our memory. I am going to exploit this fact and pretend in blog land that we're back in October. Get excited about leafy pictures, pumpkin pie and Christmas lights.

Before we turn back the clock, a year ago today, we were spending the night at a hotel called "Paradise" on a Thai beach. We were living in a hut, with temperatures so high the bathroom was open air. Right now in Boston it "feels like" 17. *Sigh*


Emily said...

About being blog delinquents - I have not posted on my (former) blog since before Bjorn was born - that's May 2007, just in case you were wondering. So this whole thing of not only blogging about your fall after being too busy to post then, but also going back in time to post retroactively about stuff that happened last summer? Yeah, a little too ambitious for me. I mean, couldn't you guys just be normally sloppy at something? Lots of love to you both!

Emily said...

p.s. This profile picture of me is the only one I've ever posted on blogger. No, that's not Bjorn, it's Katie - so fall 2005. Yep.