Friday, January 15, 2010

It's September!

So, after Family Day, my parents, Ron and I flew to Boston, it was killer hot, my dad and Ron started the move by hauling an enormous couch up three flights of curly-que stairs in a non-air conditioned house when it was in the nineties (both temp and humidity) after flying all day and not sleeping the night before.

We worked feverishly to get air conditioners installed. Despite seventeen 70 lb boxes being held at the post office waiting for us to "pick up" and bring home on foot, a delivered bed with half the mattress missing and the enormous picture frame glass that shattered into the box containing every pair of our underwear...we made it.

I got my white coat, my parents left, Rick came, Ron/Rick went to Kennebunkport, Rick left, Ron started school, I started hanging out with dead people and Ron started to say "I'll sue them!" in response to every small irritation.

We spent the month in awe of how fast the people here walk, how funny they talk and how in the world they stand the excessive heat.


Krista said...

I can do heat to an extent... but isn't it humid there too? That would do me in!

Courtney said...

Cadavers are so much fun! We were one of the few classes in high school who got to actually use one. It was amazing.

Isn't it weird how you can pretty much sue anyone for anything and get away with it?

I'm so glad you two are having a blast in school. :)