Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Coat shopping

First, I hate shopping.

Second, ever since I showed up, everyone says, "Oh, just you wait until the winter! You have no idea what you're in for." Given that I was the 3rd grader intimidated by the 4th graders who told me I'd have to "have a notebook" and "take notes," I'm easily spooked.

I've been stressing about this winter coat thing. I've surveyed most of my new friends here and the consensus seems to be: must be down, must be knee length or lower, must have a hood (preferably with fur for blocking wind), must be water-resistant or proof. Some quick looking informs me that this will cost a minimum of $200. I do not have $200. But, I am afraid of the winter.

One day I'm riding home on the bus, staring out the window and I notice an Eddie Bauer outlet in the middle of downtown that says "Down Sale." I pop my head in and find a coat that meets all the requirements, but is still $150.

The morning after Thanksgiving, Ron casually suggests that I call to find out if they're having a Black Friday sale. Sure enough, my coat is selling for $102 until noon!

Here's a sneak preview.

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