Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cadaver Thoughts (November-ish)

Our poor guy. He's had a lot of surgeries. Given all the creative re-plumbing, his intestines are very confusing. But, they're his. We're studying for the practical and even when the tables get moved around, I always know when we're with our guy because of his look.

I find myself holding hands with or gently touching the head of whoever we are studying on. These bodies don't scare me anymore. They are wonderful, interesting and sometimes I think a little lonely. Probably not really. But, just in case, it doesn't hurt to quietly hold a hand while we identify the splenic artery.

In order to do the pelvis dissection we have to bend his knees into the stirrups. This requires severing the patellar tendon. I'm cutting it. It gives way and what in the world is that?! It's metal! He had a knee replacement. No way! He was holding out on us. I didn't know that. It feels like I just found out that my cousin Jossie got to go to the mall alone before me and didn't tell me.

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