Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Great news! Yesterday, I was offered a job teaching for Harvard College. The position is for a hugely popular, internet-published class called "Justice" that examines contemporary moral and political conundrums in light of the western (political) philosophical tradition. Perfect!

I'll have a group of 18 (or two groups of 18) students, who I'm responsible to further the weekly lessons with. Apparently I'll be posing novel problems (not the ones he addresses in lecture) and working the discussion to teach whatever it is I'm supposed to be teaching.

I'll also coaching the students on paper writing, and grading their two papers to boot, as well as preparing them for their final. It should be pretty exciting.

Check out the link to the online course; it's got a promo video that explains the course.

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Courtney Raschdorf Photography said...

I think that sitting in on one of the courses you teach would be fun. Have fun with it! :) Teaching is the biggest reward. Granted, I teach 3 year olds ... not grad students. haha