Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last Philadelphia Apartment

Four weeks into our stay we transplanted from the Washington Square side of town to the Rittenhouse Square side of town. Our new place is urban, chic and tall.  
Welcome to our place...
Look at how tall this place is...
Here's where we eat...

This chair makes my neck bend forward...
This couch is more comfortable.  The lamp to the right of Ron has a red bulb in it.  It looks creepy at night...

Doorway between the kitchen/eating/living area and bedroom/bathroom area.  Look at how tall the doorway is!

Very comfortable bed.  And, our air conditioner that we brought from home.  It's one of the hottest Junes on record here.
Last, but not least...the bathroom.

That's the tour.

First Philadelphia Apartment

We're only here in the city for eight weeks, but we are living in two different places.  For the first four weeks we were living on a quaint street, in a cutesy part of town, in a bed and breakfast full of antique furniture.  We moved in late at night, so it was dark outside.
Here's the front door to the building.
Then, the hallway of mirrors...
Shared sitting room #1...
Shared sitting room #2....
Hallway to our room...
The bedroom/sitting room...
The kitchen...
This last picture is a little blurry, but you can see the main room and the kitchen in the back.  There was a bathroom too, but who wants to see a bathroom?

All in all it was a charming little place.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our New Life in Philadelphia

Hi.  Welcome to Philadelphia.

Right now, we are living in a bed and breakfast in a cute neighborhood right in the center of things (we're on Clinton St, near 11th and Spruce).  This is Clinton St, but it is not my picture.  It's a pretty good one though.

We are here because Ron's got an internship at a legal firm called Berger Montague.  He is working on antitrust litigation.  If you'd like to know what that is, please ask Ron.  I do not really know.  He seems to like it because it involves lots of arguing and having opinions and depositions.

I am a stay at home Trina.  Basically I have 11 weeks off this summer before I am a full time med student/resident for the following six years straight.  So, while many of my classmates are off doing research, etc. it seemed like a good idea to me to not.  I'm working on editing our book that we wrote while traveling around the world, trying out new classes at the gym, baking these new blueberry bars my mom invented and stuff like that.  These intense med students need to learn to relax!  I am enjoying remembering that I am a person and not just a memorization machine.

Speaking of the gym,

it is called 12th St and it is pretty cool.  It was a great deal and they have tons of amazing equipment and really strong trainers, etc.  I picked it for the deal.  An anonymous source recently confided to us that this gym is the center of the gay pickup scene in Philadelphia, which explains all the guys with hairdryers and the men's only spa.  But, as far as I'm concerned that just makes it an easier place to learn salsa dancing.  We are both having a blast with our classes.  Ron's first was one called Insanity taught by Midge.

Here's Midge:

She's a really nice lady who provides an excellent workout.  Yesterday I went to a Tae Bo class taught by this lady whose sweats said "Tae Bo Extreme" and shirt said "Boot Camp."  I accidentally went to the advanced one.  Oops.  I didn't know I could get sweat to pour off my pony tail like that.

Today I tried out Zumba for the first time.  There were elderly people in there, so I felt like I was in less danger of passing out or throwing up than last night.  It's like a "learn to be a latin lover dancer" class.  We wiggle our hips and shake our top and make seductive faces.  The old guys are my favorite.  No one really keeps up with the steps, but I theoretically salsaed, mamboed, sambaed and generally felt like I was on Dancing with the Stars.  Tonight, Ron's trying one called Muscle Attack, but since that is more of a description of my body right now, I'm going for the Easy-Does-It-Gentle-Vinyasa-Yoga.  I'll let you know how it goes.

This is generally a way cooler city than I thought.  I had in my head that Philadelphia was kind of a rough, industrial place.  Ok, I admit, a large portion of my knowledge about what Philadelphia was was from the beginning of Fresh Prince of Bel Air ("in west Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days") - don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about!

In actuality, it is a clean, friendly, major metropolis.  It's the fifth largest metro area in the country!  Who knew?  (The first four are NYC, LA, Chicago, and Dallas...at least according to Wikipedia.)

Philadelphia is exceptionally walkable, with friendly little maps posted every couple blocks.  FYI, we live in the purple section, approximately three squares down from the little star.

 I get a little confused because they rotate the maps so that the top is whatever direction you are facing.  I'm still working on keeping left and right straight, (part of my decision to avoid surgery as a career), so you can imagine that putting East at the bottom of the map doesn't really work for me.  I usually end up cocking my head to the side trying to put North on top, like this.

Ron came up with this helpful little mnemonic so I can stop making a fool of myself.  Merry Christmas Santa, We Love SPiLLS (Market, Chestnut, Sansom, Walnut, Locust, Spruce, Pine, Lombard, South).  So now I'm wandering the streets muttering to myself "Merry Christmas Walnut, what was that about knocking things over?"  I'm not sure if its a lot better than the head tilting.

That's about it for me.   

Since I'm working on the book, if you have any particularly favorite stories from our trip, please let me know. I want to be sure I don't leave out the best part!