Thursday, July 01, 2010

The first time in my whole life

For the first time in my whole life I snoozed my alarm so many times that it shut off.

I am on summer vacation!

One of my favorite parts is not keeping my cell phone on vibrate.  There are no lectures to interrupt or labs to disturb.  My phone can happily sing, beep and chirp.

I haven't dried my hair in weeks.  I can wear the same thing three days in a row and no one cares!

It is good to relax.

My only appointments are at the gym where I'm learning to loose my inhibitions dancing salsa, mambo and cha cha.  I am kind of a troll of a dancer, especially compared to the tall, lanky, graceful Tahitian-dancer instructor.  But, I just close my eyes, pretend I'm thirteen making a music video with my cousins and go for it!  My instructors generally smile at me, with that kind of pity/entertained look that says, "you're hopeless, but good effort."  The goal is simply to sweat and enjoy myself, both of which are happening in large measure.



Matthew and Lisa said...

I love it! You'll have to teach us some of your moves at BBR :)

Christie said...

Ah, I see you use the same technique as my husband! Enjoy yourself!